Things Needed Before Bringing A Hamster Home

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Things Needed Before Bringing A Hamster Home Empty Things Needed Before Bringing A Hamster Home

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:53 am

Here's a list of basic things you need before bringing a hamster home:

Cage/Tank that is big enough for the breed of hamster you are keeping.
Recommended size for Dwarf is around 1.5 feet.
Recommended size for Syrian is 2 feet.

Food Bowl & Drinking Bottle.
Many cages nowadays comes with these.
However, do remember to get them individually if you are getting a tank.

Do try to get bottles with ball bearings o avoid water leakage.

Toilet & Bathing Sand.
Toilet and bathing sand is necessary.

Recommended Bathing Sand:
Dangers of water bathing:

Hamsters love to run, thus a wheel is needed.
If you are getting a cage, a wheel will most likely be in the package. However, do take note of the size of the wheel.
It is always recommended to get a bigger wheel. Do not hesitate to get a big wheel if there's enough space and enough cash.

Minimum recommended size:

Robo: 12 to 17cm
Winter White: 15 to 17cm
Campbells: 15 to 17cm
Syrians: 21cm [17cm is only acceptable if your Syrian is very small and short in length]


Bedding is a must have for hamsters. Sleeping on "concrete floor" does not feel nice.

Recommended Beddings:


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