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Post by Micky on Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:53 pm

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hamster nails is easier said than done. You will need plenty of
patience. It might take several days before you get the hang of it,
and it may take just as long to succeed in trimming just one nail!
Sometimes the nail trimming goes smoothly for some reason, letting you
get several nails done. Then there are those other times, when the
hamster is just too squirmy and you have to try again on another day.
lighting helps immensely. To help you see more detail, you might try
investing in a pair of magnifying reading glasses for this job (sold at
most drugstores or borrow from grandma or grandpa).
Once you've
got the clipper on the CORRECT PART of the nail, hold your hamster's
arm gently yet firmly (if that is the technique you are using), and
clip the nail decisively. If you falter, you might end up with a
hangnail or a ragged edge which may be worse than if you had not
clipped the nail in the first place.
Try to clip the longest
nails first. That way, if you only get one nail for that day, at least
the most offensive nail is taken care of.

Always err on the
side of clipping less (especially if you're new at this). If it's
still too long, you can always trim again on your next round. NEVER
cut too much, you'll hurt the hamster and leave their nail area prone
to infection. However, if you should accidentally clip the nail too
short and it bleeds, have some styptic powder on hand to dab on the
area - this should quickly stop the bleeding. In the very unlikely
event it doesn't stop, give your vet a call for advice. Styptic powder
is available from the vets or at pet shops, and is inexpensive.
clipped, you needn't worry about clipping for a month or more, when you
start noticing the nails getting too long again. However, it's still
important to check their nails when you conduct your daily routine
inspection of your hamster's overall health. You might notice, for
example, elderly hamsters who have never needed nail trims before,
growing longer nails due to their reduced activity level. Or you
might find one nail growing much faster than the rest. Also check for
any breakage, tearing or soreness.
"So how do I go about trimming my hamster's nails?"

1. I fold up a towel for my hamster to stand on to create some height (so I can work the clippers under those curly nails).

2. I
put some chicken flavored baby food (or your hamster's favorite flavor)
mixed with 10-grain hot cereal, optional, on the back of a spoon. You
can try plain cooked oatmeal, too. I then place the spoon upside down
on the towel near the edge, as shown below. The point of this food is
that because it needs to be licked, it sustains the hamster's interest
and keeps them in the same location for a minute or two. Obviously, if
you use something like a sunflower seed, the hamster will grab it,
pouch it, and off they'll go!

3. I place my hamster on the towel
near the spoon, and while she is licking at it, I use my one hand to
hold her arm. With a pair of clippers in my other hand, I carefully
trim the very tips of her nails.

Another Alternative

Get a big piece of sandpaper for your hamster to walk on.

Note: Do not allow your hamster to walk on the sandpaper for too long. The friction between the foot and the sandpaper might hurt. Just a few seconds of walking for your hamster is more than enough.

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