Taurus and Seth(my god son) - Our Golden Retreivers

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Taurus and Seth(my god son) - Our Golden Retreivers

Post by HammyHammy on Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:10 pm

This is Taurus, my 2nd birthday present from my husband, but sadly I don't have his puppy photo at all. So this is the youngest of his look I can show you.

This photo of Taurus was taken when he was around near to 1 year old.

This was Seth, my god son from Melbourne. We were travelling there every month for work and one of our friends is also into dogs, so all of us went to visit a dog farm and Seth was the chosen puppy. I nearly hand carry him back to Singapore. In Love

Seth resting after destroying my friend's garden, you can see that he is happily chewing a twig.

PS: ADMIN!!! I managed to do it this way. Yea!!!
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