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Post by Admin on Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:28 pm

Here is a list of recommended beddings:

Recommended Beddings Bc_new
Breeder Celect
It comes in pellet form, have twice the absorbency than woodshavings. It have odour control, and doesn't cause any health risk to your hamster.

Recommended Beddings Back2Nature15L
It comes in a pellet form too, but it is slightly softer than Breeder Celect. Have twice the absorbency than woodshavings and have odour control.

Recommended Beddings Ultragif-1
Carefresh Ultra is the same as Healthy Pet Ultra. Thus using either one as bedding is fine.
Has odour control and twice the absorbency than woodshavings.
But do note that Carefresh (Original) and Carefresh Ultra is different.
Carefresh Ultra absorbs urine better than Carefresh (Original).

You may visit EplusCo to order the bedding of your choice.


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