Hamster Handling Do's and Don'ts

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Hamster Handling Do's and Don'ts Empty Hamster Handling Do's and Don'ts

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:27 pm

• Talk to him in a soft gentle voice.
• Move slowly prior to and during handling.
• Wash hands prior to handling him so your scent is always the same.
• Allow him to smell your hand so he knows what is intruding into his domain.
• Allow him to calm down if he is afraid at first.
• Be patient; hamster confidence is not built in a day.

× Make quick or jerky movements, a startled hamster is a defensive hamster.
× Make loud noises, their sense of hearing is acute.
× Let him fall from great heights.
× Pick up a sleeping hamster.

Good luck training your hamster! The results of your patience and care will be worth every moment spent gaining your hamster's trust.

Source: Hamsterific


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