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Daily/Weekly Health Check

Fur: soft, smells clean; dry all over, including under the tail. If your hamster is wet under the tail, this could be a symptom of diarrhea or "wet tail". A vet should be contacted IMMEDIATELY, as it can often prove to be fatal.

Ears: clean, no smell

Eyes: bright, shiny, clear; not running. A running eye can be the symptom of "sticky eye".

Teeth: short, sharp

Nose: not running, clean

Mouth: closed, not watering. Watering at the mouth can be a sign that something is caught in your hamster's cheek pouch.

Claws: relatively short

Breathing: easy, regular

: your hamster should not be limping or favouring a limb. If it is, it may have broken, cut, or sprained a paw or leg. Although your hamster should be able to cope fine on three limbs, you may choose to take it to the vet for treatment.
* Be sure to handle your hamster carefully if it has hurt a limb

Source: Hamster Health Check


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