Evie & Mae - Updates

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Evie & Mae - Updates

Post by purple76 on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:35 am

Evie - my lil "mermaid"

A "new" bed for Mae (thanks to HammyHammy's idea)


This is the cage shared between Mae & Evie

The 3-storey had been downgraded to a 2-storey just for Mae.

The hideout on 2nd deck was formerly Evie's. But I had passed it to Mae. And this morning, I saw her sleeping in there. So does this mean she'll not sleep in the tubes again?

A new-old cage for Evie

My mum said Nutmeg shud be allocated to new-old cage instead, becos of the super BIG wheel. Maybe I'll exchange housing between Nutmeg & Evie the next time I wash the cages.

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