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Jeannies - Our German Shepherd Empty Jeannies - Our German Shepherd

Post by HammyHammy on Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:37 pm

Jeannies - Our German Shepherd Jeannies0036
One day we went pet shop shopping and we were thinking of getting either a Great Dane or a Bull Mastiff, but the pet shop showed us Jeannies instead. She was locked up in a cage during the day, and at night, she was being used to patrol the shop. We felt pity for her and ended up buying her giving ourself an excuse that we need a guard dog, which was actually a very big mistake for 2 reasons stated below.

Jeannies - Our German Shepherd Jeannis1
Look at Jeannies, she does not look fierce at all, but not so when she was provoked by DoDo, the smallest dog I had at that time. So they fought many times and we had to send DoDo to the vet for stitches. In the end, we decided that we should look for a home for Jeannies where she will be the only dog.

Jeannies - Our German Shepherd Jeannies0064
You can see from this photo Jeannies's posture is not correct for a GS, as she had hip dysplasia. The vet felt that it could be due to the daily stay in the cage.
With this medical problem added and our condition to make sure she is the only dog in the new home, it took us 6 months to find a suitable family.
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