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Post by HammyHammy on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:13 pm

DoDo - our Cain Terrier X Dodo1wDoDo - our Cain Terrier X Dodo0938

The first time I saw DoDo, she was 2 days old. Her mother, a West Highland Terrier (completely white) was found on the road by one of my friends. After she found her, she realized that the dog was pregnant but my friend could not take care of it, so she asked if I was ok to help.

I took the mummy and 2 pups in right after the delivery.

I managed to find 2 homes for the mummy and DoDo's sibling and I kept DoDo together with Kiddie (a mongrel I rescued from some family who tied the dog outside their house after their children was done playing with it).

DoDo is a very fiesty dog despite of her size. She was the smallest dog I had but she would not be afraid to confront any danger, her record includes confronting a cobra once and a German Shepherd (many times).

DoDo is now with a ex-provost dog trainer when we had to move in 2005.

My husband loves DoDo's character the most, among all the dogs we have.
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