The Taming of Hamsters

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The Taming of Hamsters Empty The Taming of Hamsters

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:25 pm

Young hamsters are shy and timid and taming them takes time, patience, gentle handling, familiarity and kindness are all necessary gain their trust. Keep in mind that in the wild a hamster's primary reaction against what it perceives to be a predator is to be aggressive so in order to overcome this natural instinct you will need to be patient. Start working with your hamster(s) in the evening, when they are up and about. At first work with them around the open cage, preferably on the floor so that if he jumps it's a short fall. When first picking a hamster up, support them by using both hands to gently "scoop" them up. You shouldn't just reach in and attempt to pick him up, the odds are high that he will assume a defensive position (on his back, front paws up and teeth showing). If this happens, don't even attempt to pick him up - the result could be very painful. Instead, give the hamster some time to relax and calm down, offer a treat and try to gently stroke him on the back so he becomes used to being touched. It may take several sessions; but be patient. Once your hamster gains confidence and trust, he will become a faithful friend.

Sometimes a hamster will "squeal" when attempting to handle him - the squeal is a sign that he is afraid. They usually don't bite when squealing, but there are exceptions to every rule! If he has been handled previously, go ahead and gently pick him up. The squealing will stop as he relaxes and no longer senses danger.

Once the task of picking him up has been accomplished, be cautious not to let him fall. Because of their poor eyesight they have no perception of how far it is to the floor and a serious injury could result. Now, holding him close gently stroke his back - some even like their foreheads rubbed. The rest will come with time.

Source: Hamsterific


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