Proper Hamster Handling

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Proper Hamster Handling Empty Proper Hamster Handling

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:25 pm

Hamsters, are by nature, afraid of anything that is not a hamster. While you are not an exception, your hamster can be trained to become accustomed to being handled and learn that humans can be friends too.

First and foremost, unless your hamster is in pain (and needing medical attention), you should never startle a snoozing hamster. When aroused from a deep sleep, the hamster's first instinct is to be defensive and protect itself from the intruder the only way it knows how; a big, nasty, painful hamster bite!

Since hamsters have very poor eyesight, they depend primarily on their sense of smell and hearing to guide them. Tap on the cage, move the water bottle, and talk to him—be sure he is awake, alert and knows that he is in no immediate danger. Always wash your hands before handling a hamster—the odor of that last piece of chicken you ate may smell like a delicious tidbit instead of the hand of his loving owner and friend.

Source: Hamsterific


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