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The Roborovski Dwarf hamster is the smallest and fastest of all hamsters. They originate from Mongolia and Northern China where they inhabit semi-arid areas with little vegetation. They are able to highly concentrate their urine and survive on less water than other dwarf hamsters. They are, however, very sensitive to heat.

Distinguishing characteristics of the Roborovski are the white spots where the eyebrows should be, and the lack of the dorsal stripe seen in all other dwarf hamsters. There are two popular colors of the Roborovski hamster. The more common one is the Agouti, with a sand colored coat. The other, interchangeably known as the white mask or husky, is similar to the Agouti except that its fur is white, therefore making the ‘white eyeborw’ feature less apparent.

These little critters are very curious, easily startled, and generally timid. However, they are extremely social and affectionate. They have a very good temperament and rarely bite either one or humans, which makes them ideal for family pets. When agitated, they will rather run away and hide instead of seeking confrontation.

Roborovski hamsters rarely get sick and when they do, they can be hard to treat because they hardly stay in one place. Ailments found most frequently in these hamsters include injuries caused by fighting, mite infestations and tumours. Mites cause a lot of itching and can be contagious, while tumours cannot be treated, as Rborovskis are too small to be operated on.

The main attraction of the Roborovski is that they are fun to watch because they are such an active lot. Especially adorable is seeing the internal struggle within them when they want to grab that sunflower seed from your hand but cannot decide if they are brave enough to or not.

5 Fast Fact


Roborovski grows to about 5cm, the size of an adult thumb.

Average lifespan
Healthy ones can live up to 4 years


Good-natured and affectionate, yet shy and susceptible to stress.

Favourite Activities

Running on the wheel and cuddling up to cage-mates.

Tender Love Care

When handling them, keep your hands near the ground or above a soft surface, as they will not hesitate to jump from your hands onto the floor.

Source: clubpets your lifestyle pet magazine


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